Teddy Lo

  The artist was born and raised in Hong Kong with his father’s family background in technological manufacturing and mother’s family background from the deep mountains of Taiwan; making a living as farmers and hunters.  While growing up, the artist was captivated by his perceived difference of basic human needs spending his time divided in big metropolitan cities and rural areas.  Having been introduced to the works of Claude Monet at a young age, he began to develop a fondness for the fine arts.  Later, he had the opportunity to complete his secondary and post-secondary studies in the USA, where he developed an interest in the conceptual and artistic depth of the US advertising industry.  Eventually being accepted to the prestigious art institution ACCD in California to complete a degree in advertising and fine art, it was after a visit to a lighting factory that he began to explore working with LED as a medium.  After graduation, the artist moved to NYC to work in advertising and continued his artistic journey.  The artist had his debut art exhibition at the Arturo Dimodica Gallery and began working on commercial lighting projects.  

  In 2005, the artist moved back to Hong Kong bringing along his artworks and founded LEDARTIST, a LED consulting company.  He then completed his Masters degree on Lighting at Queensland University of Technology which led to a career in light art and design.  He has since participated in numerous international art exhibitions and large-scale lighting projects.  From a beginning in graphics, engineering and LED programming to his recent research in sculptural design, spectrum manipulation and interactivity, the artist is looking to push the boundaries of our future applications and experience of lighting with a goal of promoting sustainable technology and advancing human spirituality with his works. 

  The artist held exhibitions in prestigious locations around the world, including Luminale in Frankfurt, Asia Society in Hong Kong, Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Arts, Art Centre BUDA Kortrijk in Belgium, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Esplanade in Singapore, 798 Art District in Beijing and Burningman Festival in Nevada, among others.