Techno Nature – Bacillus

The world is going through a whirlwind of technological advancements and our habitat is evolving to a more efficient, intuitive and environmental standard. We are living in a society that is progressing exponentially and this is the new artificial nature that we base and develop our futuristic lifestyle to be. The Bacillus signifies the essence of this new age. The artist is always interested in merging the old with the new in creations, the Bacillus sculpture is the first of the Techno Nature series which incorporates the old method of structural welding with the new sustainable luminous technology, 3D prototyping and interactive system for its expression.

New technology allows electronics to be more compact and flexible which make organic electronic sculptures more plausible. The concept of the form came from the oldest known organism Bacillus species, which was uncovered from an ancient salt bed from United States Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant for radioactive waste repository. This ancient bacteria from 250 millions years ago was resurrected under controlled condition and is used as the framework to build upon this interactive installation. This form represents the dawn of a new breed of techno inspired sculpture and innately embellished with bleeding edge luminous, sensing and audio capabilities. The sound and visual sequences are activated by the viewer’s action to its visual clue to communicate with the Bacillus. The Bacillus has various emotional states, which are reactive to the human response. Single or multiple viewers can lure different behaviors of the piece in experiencing Synesthesia.

Structure Metal frame, RGB LED String, LEDs Silicon Pixel cover, Electrical Wire, Cable Tie, Sensor, Control computer, DMX decoder, Meter sheet Cover, LED driver and Power supply

2770mm (H) x 1700mm in Diameter


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