Victoria harbour spektrum

In January 2004, Hong Kong’s Secretary of Finance, Tourism Commission, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board joined forces to commission the first “A Symphony of Light” light and music spectacle for Victoria Harbour.

Named the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ by Guinness World Records, the light show is based on synchronized sound, lasers and dynamic illumination of over 47 significant buildings in Hong Kong starting at 8pm every evening lasting 13 minutes. These buildings overlook the city’s famous Victoria Harbour that is unarguably the most significant attraction for the 60 million tourists that visit Hong Kong annually.

Since its inception, the competition has been illuminating; the Eiffel Tower’s lighting system is upgraded every other year, while the Vivid Sydney Festival and Singapore’s Marina Bay are continuously refreshing their displays by inviting creative artists to display new and innovative visual projections.

Teddy Lo Studio is introducing the Victoria Harbour Spektrum project with a showcase on the growth of local talent, so that anyone with a creative mind may paint the sky on what could become the world's largest digital canvas.