Mega POV

Contemporary society is entering into the information age through numerous digital portals at an unprecedented rate. In addition to numerous physical marketing mediums, people are exposed to thousands of commercial messages each day. We are becoming visually immune to most things that we encounter. Strategic marketing and advertising campaigns exist to catch our attention in the split of a second. As a result, there are many things we are neglecting in life, which should not be taken for granted. To appreciate reality, we need to spend more time to re-discover the beauty within things. This art piece is meant to remind you of the essence of life and that nothing is trivial in this world.

Persistence of vision is a technique used to animate objects with motion and lights. This digital installation presents motion with digital programming and flickers of light through Light Emitting Diodes. The artwork is a study of how digital information can be delivered to our human visual system through this reverse technique even within a limited projection area.

LED, Steel, Aluminum

14400 mm (H); Viewing Distance: 100m