Spectrum Manners

Lo collaborated with a Shanghai photographer for the project. Teddy, the light artist, intends to create a series of abstract expressionism imagery with LED lights through performance art. The surreal imagery is a composition that combines with deliberated movement expressions and carries the effects programming by the light performer and his movement through the precised control of the SLR camera by the photographer. This act is an interplay of lights and human in 4D. The two collaborators are both using lights with their own equipments to achieve a unity result. This is a start of a journey for both artists to explore the possibilities and technicalities of bodily movement, lighting equipments, camera gear, editing and printing method and materials.

This series is their very first experimental manipulation of the traditional non-retouched photographic process, which is also influenced by the advent of digital technology including computer imaging, new media art and 3-d motion graphics. After realizing the massive amount of astonishing digital art in the society, they both decided to experience similar futuristic expression away from precise controls of the keyboard commands to the actual performance both from the light dancer and photographer with expectations to bring it to another level where digital art is hard to achieve; something imperfect, flawy, and with a little bit of human touch, somewhere in between abstract and realistic. They tried to turn the capturable in real live — the dancer — into invisible, and at the same time turn the uncapturable — the lights — to the opposite. The reversal expression interprets the reversal and rebellious thoughts that every human being has.

8 Editions

Ink jet paper