seven keys


Angela Flame x Magnolia May Polley x Teddy Lo

Exhibition Statement

Seven Keys is an artistic research project by artists, musicians and holistic healers. It is a project about balancing vibrations, frequency and the electromagnetic field for the human being. Ancient colour chambers are simulated with the aid of 21st century aesthetics and technologies. Through triggering the five senses with sensual elements in seven designated spaces, the goal of this project is to create a positive, blissful environment and eventually bringing epiphany and calmness to human consciousness.

I am glad that we have completed phase 1 of the project and allowing our team and visitors to experience the synaesthesia research project, ultimately we hope to achieve a transcendental and enlightening journey for all.

 //Material// 3D printed sculpture, PC plastic, RGBW LED Engine, electrical wire, DMX decoder, LED driver, power supply, digital sound, organic fragrance oil, oil diffuser

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